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Event calendar

    • March 03, 2023
    • 8:00 AM
    • March 05, 2023
    • 3:00 PM
    • Hilton Hotel, 60 Battery Street, Burlington VT

    Our 94th Annual Convention will be held at the Hilton Hotel in  Downtown Burlington

    Fri, March 3 – Virtual Print Competition (
    Sat, March 4 – In-person Education and Awards Banquet
    Sun, March 5 – Virtual Classes

    You can register for each event individually through the events page, or visit the tabs along top for specific details.

    • March 03, 2023
    • 1:00 PM - 9:00 PM
    • Virtual

    Join us for Virtual Judging
    Friday March 3 at 1pm

    Image Critiques at 7:30pm

    • March 04, 2023
    • 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
    • Hilton Waterfront, Cherry Street, Burlington
    Defining the values of your business is critical to its longevity and to your success. From this session you will walk away knowing what your core values are, how to integrate them into every aspect of your business, how to use your values to attract the right clients as well as how to set boundaries. 

    Lisa will lead you through a journey of discovery, helping you to clearly understand the heart of your business. This knowledge, along with the tools you'll receive, will allow you to build your business on the foundation of your value system allowing you to work with the right clients and create in a way that is meaningful to you.

    Lisa Condon is a lover of life, adventurer of spirit, and cultivator of collaboration. She thrives on helping businesses find their heart and people discover their passion. Professionally trained as a Six Sigma Black Belt and Scrum Master, Lisa integrates tried-and-true processes into all the work she does. Diving into life headfirst, you can find Lisa with her husband, Nate, traveling the world or sitting by a fire watching the stars.  You can find out more at

    • March 04, 2023
    • 5:30 PM - 9:00 PM
    • The Hilton Waterfront: 60 Battery St, Burlington, VT 05401

    An evening of fine dining, presentations and awards.
    Join us for the 94th Annual VPP Convention Awards Banquet.

    RSVP required by Friday, February 24.

    Option of: 

    Stuffed Red Pepper
    with quinoa tomato, herbs, mozzarella cheese, balsamic reduction (V)

    Maple Dijon Glazed Chicken
    with Saffron polenta and grilled asparagus

    paired with:

    Fresh Baked Rolls and Butter

    Mesclun salad

    rolls, butter, coffee, and tea

    Dessert  Apple Tart  - maple caramel sauce

    {  "Debit Card Bar" - No Cash  }

    Current In-Person Schedule: 

    5:30pm: Group Photos
    5:30pm: Cocktails (cards-only payment)
    6:30pm: Banquet in Lake Champlain Salon
    Awards & Trivia to Follow

    • March 05, 2023
    • 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
    • virtual (link will be sent prior to event)

    "Impactful Conceptual Images"

    Brooke will share how she creates dark, conceptual images from start to finish, including a breakdown of the ideation and editing processes. It's one thing to have a wild idea, and it's another entirely to translate that idea to something that resonates in the hearts and minds of others. Brooke will share not only how to create these works, but how to take them to the next level of professional presentation and audience reception.

    Brooke's passion is storytelling, and her life is engulfed in it. From creating self-portraits and writing to international adventures and motivational speeches, she wants to live a thousand lives in one. She keeps her curiosity burning to live a truly interesting story.

    Self Description: Intensely anxious, powerful little creative soul.
    Favorite Memory: Flying into the sky before she lost her wings at the age of 5.

    Greatest Achievement: Starting The Light Space, a photography school for refugees Greece and survivors of human trafficking in India and Thailand. 

    Please consider using amazonsmile to support Blossomy, the parent organization for The Light Space.
    Greatest Fear: Whales.
    Favorite BookDune by Frank Herbert.        

    • March 05, 2023
    • 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
    • virtual (link will be sent prior to event)

    I want to help you take your images to the next level, and share my love of photographing with you.

    My goal is to provide you with the tools and instruction you need to create captivating fine art portraits. I’ll teach you my award-winning techniques, which I used to win the Professional Photographers of America Grand Imaging Award (GIA) twice in the “Children Portrait” category, and the overall GIA winner (from over 5,000 entries) in 2021. I’ve been teaching these techniques all over the United States and abroad for the past few years, and now I’m offering them to you.

    As a full-time photographer since 2010, I’ve become a Certified Professional Photographer, and hold the Master Photographer, Master Artist, and Photographic Craftsman degrees all through Professional Photographers of America.

    Finally, like many of you, I’m more than a photographer. I’m a mom of three beautiful children, and a wife to a wonderful husband who encourages me to continue to become more than I already am. I can relate to what parents go through, and hopefully, the tools and lessons I share with you will help you achieve your photographic and artistic goals.

Past events

February 05, 2023 Annual Meeting & Macro Practice
January 08, 2023 Chris McGinnis: Macro Photography
November 15, 2022 "Ask Me Anything" Informal Chat
October 30, 2022 Pete Rezac: 12 Elements of Image Competition & How to Be Good with Minimal Equipment
October 29, 2022 Member BONUS Activity - SATURDAY
September 28, 2022 Jim Westphalen - Fine Art & the Path to Get There
August 10, 2022 2022 Summer Backyard BBQ
July 13, 2022 Mike Taylor - Lighting with Grace and Ease
May 29, 2022 Bonus: Photo Walk in Websterville
May 17, 2022 Jack Reznicki - Copyright and Model Release
March 30, 2022 Dan Burkholder: iPhone/iPad Artistry
March 06, 2022 Annual Conference - Day 3 (virtual) afternoon: Monica Sigmon
March 06, 2022 Annual Conference - Day 3 (virtual) morning: Leslie Andrews
March 05, 2022 Annual Conference - Day 2 VIRTUAL Awards Night
March 05, 2022 Awards Banquet - Day 2 (in-person) evening
March 05, 2022 Annual Conference - Day 2 VIRTUAL afternoon: Colby McLemore
March 05, 2022 Annual Conference - Day 2 (in-person) afternoon: Colby McLemore
March 05, 2022 Annual Conference - Day 2 (in-person) morning: Mark Mann
March 05, 2022 Annual Conference - Day 2 VIRTUAL morning: Mark Mann
March 04, 2022 Annual Conference - Day 1 (virtual) Image Competition
January 30, 2022 VPP Annual Meeting 2022
January 25, 2022 Bryan Welsh: "The Marketing Riddle"
January 12, 2022 Meet the Vermont Professional Photographers!
November 07, 2021 Introduction to Photoshop Painting with Karen McCall & Abby Sullivan
September 28, 2021 Gena Tussey: "Stop Adulting & Start Playing... Get Off Your Butt!"
July 15, 2021 Summer Backyard BBQ
May 16, 2021 Photo Restoration with Chris Paulis
March 05, 2021 VPP Annual Conference 2021
February 07, 2021 VPP Annual Meeting & Power of Personal Projects Workshop
January 19, 2021 Social Media Strategy - Part 2
January 05, 2021 Social Media Strategy
December 15, 2020 Chris Richman: From Inspiration to Merit
December 01, 2020 Clark Knight: In-Person Sales (IPS) Via Zoom Meetings
November 17, 2020 Douglas Weittenhiller: photographing families with teens
October 20, 2020 Robert Nickelsberg travels to Khanh Phu
October 18, 2020 Food and Product Photography with Scott & Donna Erb
October 06, 2020 Michael Schwartz: Travel Photography & Safety
September 15, 2020 Photographing Newborns with Natascha Dacres
September 01, 2020 Small Town Marketing with Aly Elliott
August 25, 2020 Learn about Mirrorless Cameras with Hunt's
August 04, 2020 Win Wolloff's Illustrative Art
July 08, 2020 Bonus Speaker Jessi Beyer
June 23, 2020 Light Painting with Loren Fisher
May 17, 2020 Adobe Photoshop with Jon Adams, M. Photog., Cr. CPP
April 30, 2020 Resilience and Photography with Retired US Diplomat Beth Payne
March 05, 2020 2020 Convention
February 02, 2020 Lights, Lights and more lights and Annual Meeting
March 14, 2019 2019 Convention

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