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Event calendar

    • September 24, 2023
    • 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
    • Virtual - Zoom

    David Hakamaki, Cr.Photog., is a renowned international speaker, educator and photographer. Loved by audiences around the world, his programs on HS Seniors, Sports and Business show his innovation and connection to his clients.

    David operates a highly successful full-time, home-based studio in a small town in Michigan. He serves on Simply Color Lab's Simply Seniors Speaking Team, Fundy Storyteller, Flashpoint Ambassador, & Savage Universal Featured Photographer. He is a regular speaker at WPPI & PPA Conferences/Workshops throughout the US, Canada and UK.

    David started out in the business world and opened his photography studio in 2002. His home studio generates 6 figures of revenue in a small, rural Michigan community. David has taught business, marketing & economics at multiple colleges and trains photographers on all aspects of posing, lighting, client relations, business and marketing.

    His presentations not only focus on photography, but dig deep into the art of sales, marketing and client interaction with his fun, quirky and dynamic teaching methods. David is the go to” speaker on running a home based photography studio, HS Seniors, HS & Youth Sports and Business topics.  

    David is a proud member of WPPI, SWPP, SISEP, & PPA. He is highly active in his local community and roams the country with his family in search of adventure.

    The statistics do not lie. There are now more home based photographers than "brick and mortar" studios. With camera equipment now more readily obtainable than ever, established photographers are finding it difficult to maintain a traditional studio or are moving back into their homes. By operating out of your home, photographers are faced with a whole new set of issues that make it difficult to attract customers and make your studio look professional”.

    A successful photography business requires knowledge of BOTH photography and business. You will look at your studio objectively and determine what its strengths and weaknesses are AND how to maximize your strengths and minimize those weaknesses. By using smart business tactics, you will soon be aggressively competing against established studios and turning heads. No secret formulas, no sales pitches and no bull.

    David Hakamaki is a popular International Speaker & Photographer who operates a full-time home based studio in rural Michigan. With unconventional marketing, session, and sales techniques he quickly became the go-to studio in his economically depressed area. Long gone are worries of how to attract clients, juggle a second job, or wonder where the next job will come from. David uses his background in the business world to show you how his studio consistently generates 6 figures.

    As a special addition, David will show you how he juggles a full time studio with family life in a very unique and humorous way.  David's presentation will get personal as he shows how his photography studio has morphed into a peaceful coexistence with his wife and 4 children.  Tips on making your home studio look professional, separating the props from the toys, dual utilization of rooms/spaces, and the art of conducting a successful sales session in your home will create a learning environment for anyone wanting to turn the corner and make their home studio successful.

    • January 07, 2024
    • 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
    • Virtual

    What we will cover:  Why do consumers value the things they do? How can we reach the demographic of people that best suits our business? How can we maintain a positive relationship with clients? These questions are the roots of marketing for a creative business. Marketing is simply connection. This course will lead us through creating, maintaining, and deepening a connection with the people that value our work the most. We remove the veil of overwhelm that marketing can often create and allow us to do what we do best - be creative. Come away with a marketing plan that is not only tangible, doable, and proven, but also one that is uniquely you. 

    Who I Am:  I am Aly Elliott of Bloomington, Indiana.  I'm married to Sam and we have 6 gorgeous children. We travel, homeschool, and take in every sunset we possibly can. I've been a professional photographer for coming up on 16 years. We had talked about opening a studio for awhile and, when our daughter died, I needed something to pour myself into. My studio is on the adorable little town square in a place where people still walk around downtown. I have undergrad degrees in Fine Arts and Marketing, as well as a CPP, Master of  Photography, Craftsman, and Master Artist degrees from PPA. In 2022, I was honored with 2 Grand Imaging Award finalist images (in Senior portrait and in Master Artist) I am certified in the family, baby, newborn, maternity, and child categories by NAPCP in addition to being a proud ASP member. I am an exhibiting artist and have worked all over the world (29 countries so far!). I am always looking for ways to continue learning - about business, photography, and people.  I am a firm believer in having it all.

    • February 04, 2024
    • 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM
    • Virtual

    Save the date! Details to follow.

    • March 02, 2024
    • 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
    • virtual (link will be sent prior to event)

    2024 featured speaker for 95th ANNUAL CONVENTION
    the Hampton Inn, Colchester

    Details to come – in the meantime, here are some of his works on Instagram, and check out his YouTube channel and website.

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