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National Award

The National Award is offered by the Professional Photographers of America to State, Regional, National and International affiliated organizations on a yearly basis. First made available in 1958, the award recognizes those persons who have generously contributed their time and talents to the service of their profession, their affiliated organization, and their fellow photographers. Nominations for the award are determined by the recipient’s peers, which adds to its distinction and value.

The choice of the recipient is left to the individual state, region and national affiliates. It may be given to a member or non-members, to someone in or outside the field of professional photography. It need not be awarded every year if no suitable candidate is found. The award will be presented at the VPP annual awards banquet.

The selection of the new recipient is made by the VPP National Award Committee that is composed of all living recipients of this award from VPP.

Past Winners

2024 Jonathan Adams
2021 Kathleen Porter
2019 Wayne Tarr
2017 Kevin Macy
2012 David Cramer
2009 Nancy Green
2007 Don Whipple
2005 Donna M. GoodHale
2004 Ed Davis
2001 Gillian Randall
1998 Robert Jenks
1997 Robert Lizzari, Jr.
1996 Charles A. Parker
1995 Jerry LeBlond
1992 Michael Maynard
1984 Arnold & Priscilla Spahn
1979 Ann & Don DeRoehn
1976 Margaret Rother
1973 Joel Towart
1972 Charles Jenks
1969 Robert Lizzari, Sr.
1968 Jack Petri
1967 Bernice Burnham
1966 Angelo Lizzari
1963 Mack Derick
1962 Burnham Studio
1961 Clifford Patch
1960 William Bartlett
1959 Eudora Patch

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