VPP Annual Convention

March 23-25, 2018

Under Water Photography with Wayne Tarr

Kathleen Porter

Ever since Wayne Tarr of Wayne Tarr Photography presented to VPP last Winter, I have been interested in doing an underwater portrait session with him. My chance came in early December when I set-up an underwater maternity session with him! I was apprehensive at first because 1) I am used to being behind the camera and 2) I am not really a fan of getting into water that is below hot tub temperature.

We met at a local indoor pool that was actually quite comfortable and Wayne made the whole process so easy! My husband joined me as a support member and at the end ended up joining us in the pool. While the initial getting into the water was chilly, I warmed up both to the temp and to being the model. Wayne was an excellent director and gave good feedback as well as listened to my ideas. Two artists collaborating! It was such fun. During the session it was hard to tell what Wayne was getting, but he let me glance at the camera with him. I was amazed! His underwater lights really lit things nicely and I didn’t look as silly as I felt! The session lasted just over an hour and the time flew by. Within a few days Wayne had shared a few favorite images with me and I was in love! Next time I plan to get behind the camera and have a go at taking the pictures underwater.

If you have the opportunity, I highly suggest checking out Wayne’s work and even working with him! Underwater photography is nothing new, but Wayne’s approach and ideas are fresh and different. Thank you Wayne! (http://www.waynetarr.com)


2018 Conference

April 7, 2018

A Message from the President

It’s that time, time to renew your membership with VPP. The board has been hard at working creating new software that makes it so much easier to re-up. This robust program also helps us to get more information directly to you, keeping you abreast of announcements, meetings, and even this newsletter! But, as well, I would like to review ALL of the MANY benefits you receive by being a member…some you might know, and some you might not be aware of…so here we go!!!

  • Online business listing
  • Up to $500 scholarships for education. Scholarships given out at every meeting
  • (5) 1-day professional instructor-led workshops with national and local talent
  • Annual 3-day convention & awards banquet
  • State print competition with accessible judges for questions and feedback
  • Networking opportunities with other professional photographers and local talent
  • Friendships and camaraderie with other professionals
  • Private Facebook page for discussions and questions amongst members
  • Discounts to other state affiliate meetings
  • Motivation given to push your business/photography to the next level

In addition to the above benefits, these local businesses have extended additional benefits to members of VPP. In order to take advantage of one of the following discounts, please present a valid photo ID along with your valid VPP Membership Card.


James DeWeese, Esq. at the Law Office of Langrock, Sperry & Wool LLP, 210 College Street, Burlington, VT

So, as you can see, there are many reasons as to why you should renew, or join in. Don’t forget that Convention is Friday March 23-Sunday March 25. Great Speakers, Great Friends and LOTS OF FUN!!!

Sarah McGarghan
President VPP

Member Spotlight

Allyson gover

I’ve been active in photography for about eight years. When I started out my first passion was landscape photography and close-up nature photos. I spent many weekends traveling around our beautiful state capturing the mountains, colors, and foliage. I sold my VT photography at craft shows and displayed them when I could. I now work as an Assistant for Natascha of Natascha’s Photography. With her support and coaching I have branched out into portrait photography including weddings, boudoir photos, and family sessions. I am eager to learn more about photography and eventually start a photography business of my own.

Member Classifieds

Pocket Wizard TTL Wireless Radio Super 4-pack

Flex TT5 Transceiver x2, AC3 Zone Controller, & G-Wiz Trunk Bag.
Sarah McGarghan