T.W. Woods Gallery – May 27 – June 30

The Board of the T.W. Wood Gallery in Montpelier, Vermont, a nonprofit organization that has been in existence since 1896 is organizing group art exhibits for their 2017 calendar. The Gallery has a contemporary art exhibit space dedicated to group shows and has hosted art organization shows including the Northern Vermont Art Association and the Art Resource Association in the past year. They have invited the Vermont Professional Photographers Association to participate in a 2017 exhibit.

The T.W. Wood Gallery is noteworthy in that they are both an Art Museum and Contemporary Art Gallery. One of the exhibit rooms is dedicated to the T W Wood Permanent Collection and a second exhibit space to the Federal Art collection showing Works Progress Administration artwork. The Contemporary Hall is where the group exhibits are displayed, they can show 40- 50 works at a time.

The T.W. Wood gallery will also be providing time for a reception. This will be held on Thursday June 1, 2017 from 5:00-7:00 pm, where refreshments will be served!

Work that is hanging at the gallery can be sold while on display (the gallery takes a 35% commission), or VPP members can use it as a marketing tool (hang seniors, wedding, or bellies to babies)… The Gallery is happy to hang any work of art, as long as it has a wire across the back, and can be hung from that wire! But, being a representative of the Vermont Professional Photographers Association, it would be expected that all images follow the same criteria as an image entered for competition.

Every member can start with entering 1 piece. Every week the VPP president will be sent notification as to how many submissions have been entered. From there VPP may be able to increase the number of entries. I would suggest that you enter sooner than later, so that we can get an accurate number of pieces that will be on display.

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ALL THE PIECES MUST BE DELIVERED BY MAY 27! There will be two representatives going down on that day to help hang the show. If you need your pieces transported down, please let Sarah McGarghan (President@vtprophoto.org) know.

This will be an awesome experience both hanging in a gallery, and getting VPP & it’s members more exposure. Please mark the reception on your calendar.