Ivan Burnham Scholarships
The Ivan Burnham Scholarship is determined annually by the amount of interest that is earned by a designated fund. This account has been created with Memorial Fund donations. The scholarship is named for the late Ivan and Bernice Burnham, loyal members of the Vermont Professional Photographers, who gave freely of their knowledge and time to all members. They operated a photography studio in Waterbury for many years.

Only Professional Members in good standing are eligible for an Ivan Burnham Scholarship. Dues must have been paid on or before the first of February each year and the member must have accumulated nine or more attendance points (of a possible 14) during the year since the last conference in the following manner: Regular bimonthly meetings, 2 points; PPANE Convention, 1 point; VPP Annual Convention, at which scholarship is drawn, 3 points. Scholarships are awarded for study at any school approved by the Executive Committee of the Association.

The Ivan Burnham Fund winner must decide what it will be used for within 12 months time and use it within 18 months time. In addition to the winner, two alternates are chosen to receive the scholarship should the original winner be unable to use it. The alternates shall be alternates-at-large.

2015 Ivan Burnham Winners: $700 each

Winner: Kelly Schulze
1st Alternate: Sarah McGarghan
2nd Alternate: Natascha Dacres

Winner: Mark Sweeney
1st Alternate: Kathleen Porter
2nd Alternate: Jon Adams

Winner: Warren Ayer
1st Alternate: Wayne Tarr
2nd Alternate: Jamie Proctor-Brassard

PPANE Scholarship
The Professional Photographers Association of New England awards a scholarship towards attendance at the New England Institute of Professional Photography, which takes place annually. In addition to the winner, two alternates are chosen to receive the scholarship should the original winner be unable to use it.

 2015 PPANE Scholarship Winner: $250

Winner: James Pallack
1st Alternate: Michael Rork
2nd Alternate: Robert North

General Scholarships
All members of the Vermont Professional Photographers Association are eligible to receive general scholarships to use towards board approved education and materials within the world of photography. General scholarships are typically drawn at each meeting as well as at the annual convention. Funding for these scholarships is raised through a silent auction and raffle that takes place during the annual convention with donations from sponsoring businesses. General scholarships must be used within a year of winning them or they are forfeited.