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President's Message

My first year of President looked a little different, had several challenges and certainly obstacles.  However, My wholehearted appreciation goes to my incredible well-functioning board members for making this such a successful year given all the challenges and obstacles that we endured. They have been supportive, collective and not afraid of challenges.  It seemed that we finished convention last year on such a high with so much energy, This very quickly deflated as the entire world changed around us. For many of us we questioned our lives and had an enormous amount of personal intentions in getting through the days “14 days “at a time. We sacrificed moments in our lives that I don’t think any of us ever imagined we would have to, Our personal lives changed by the moment.  However your VPP board endured !!  They quickly gathered to figure out how to best provide the same education opportunities that you would expect from VPP,  just in a virtual platform.  The adaptability and creativity of this board and the generosity of the entire professional photographer’s community gave us the opportunity to continue our workshops safely.  We had 14 wonderful and unique workshops in total. We had amazing speakers from throughout the country. 

 I believe this past year made us all into a little bit of a different person.  I believe many of us came to realize more of what is truly important in life as we start coming out of this on the other side. I learned that a quick Zoom call could be an enjoyable substitute to a visit and can perk you up, but it’s still not quite the same as a warm hug and I can’t wait to give hugs again. I realized the pain of not having the “choice” to see a family member  or close fiend is much more painful than just not seeing them. I learned how important it is to relish in the important moments and very much to not take anything for granted.   I also learned why some species eat their young !!! 

 There is a wonderful quote from a song that my husband and I share, these words could not be truer – “With illusions of someday, cast in a golden light – No dress rehearsal, this is our life.”

Let the next chapter begin and take in all there is to enjoy and cherish.

Your President, 

Natascha Dacres 

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