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Brooke Shaden - Impactful Conceptual Images

  • March 05, 2023
  • 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Virtual



"Impactful Conceptual Images"

Brooke will share how she creates dark, conceptual images from start to finish, including a breakdown of the ideation and editing processes. It's one thing to have a wild idea, and it's another entirely to translate that idea to something that resonates in the hearts and minds of others. Brooke will share not only how to create these works, but how to take them to the next level of professional presentation and audience reception. https://brookeshaden.com/gallery/

Brooke's passion is storytelling, and her life is engulfed in it. From creating self-portraits and writing to international adventures and motivational speeches, she wants to live a thousand lives in one. She keeps her curiosity burning to live a truly interesting story.

Self Description: Intensely anxious, powerful little creative soul.
Favorite Memory: Flying into the sky before she lost her wings at the age of 5.

Greatest Achievement: Starting The Light Space, a photography school for refugees Greece and survivors of human trafficking in India and Thailand. 

Please consider using amazonsmile to support Blossomy, the parent organization for The Light Space.
Greatest Fear: Whales.
Favorite BookDune by Frank Herbert.        

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